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From the historical meaning, the verb remeslo or craft is understood as a manually performed activity, which needs expertise achieved through education and experience. Remeslo accompanies our lives and shapes us from the beginning. The produce and services by craftsmen compared to industrial-sized production are limited and in quality, it doesn't lose its value, in reality, it's quite the opposite.

The concept Remeslo, serves as the manifestation of the best and most precious, which was given to us by long years of practice and experience from specific tasks, which we chose to put together into one big group.


We finally managed to get the famous "Chefstruck" burger to Bratislava, which we are really proud of. Iconic burgers, sandwiches, salads and bao perfectly complement our vision of how a combination of barbershop, fine wine and gastronomy should look like.

It is better to taste once than to hear a hundred times. Stop by us!


MMG stood at the beginning of the modern barbering tradition in Slovakia. Today, our barbers are among the most qualified professionals in Slovakia. They have training certificates from the world's best barbers and regularly win awards in prestigious competitions.

You can tell that our barbers really love their work not only by your fresh cut, but especially by the overall experience of their fine-tuned service.

You can experience this service in one of 12 establishments from one of 60 barbers.


In the portfolio of our wine shop, we focused mainly on family wineries and boutique producers from all over the world who do their craft with passion and conviction. We ourselves love the variety and variety of tastes that the world of wine offers us.

Come and taste our wide portfolio of wines, either in our premises, or take your unique one to the comfort of your home.

If you are interested in wine, follow our social networks and do not miss the guided tastings that we organize on a regular basis.


Gift someone you love with quality crafting services.



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